1 Dumbell only available

I recently bought myself a dumbell because I saw some exercises requiring one.
I have enabled it as addition to my journey.
I did some exercises that included 1 Dumbell but now I reached a part where two are required. It would be nice if someone could select if you want to do a journey with one or two dumbells.

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Hey @florian.perini :wave:t2:

You should really feel able to do any exercises with just a single Dumbbell.

This has already been asked before on the Forum :point_down:t2:

This :point_down:t2: is something that we probably would not do.

If you will only ever have access to one or two dumbbells, a dedicated Dumbbell Journey isn’t going to be suitable. The Journeys are progressive, so as you get stronger and can lift heavier weights, you will need another weight to move to. Similarly, Some muscle groups will just be able to lift heavier weights than others-compare the weight you could lift in a Squat compared to a Curl for example.

If you just want to train with a the same 1 or 2 dumbbells, a Journey is not going to be suitable for the reasons above. We always recommend a wide range of weights for the best progression. Instead, the standalone workouts will be more suitable, allowing you to train with the same weight with no progression.


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