Two journeys at the same time

Hey, I’m currently on the dumbbell journey and aside from a couple things that could be improved I really enjoy it as I have a large arsenal of equipment at home.

I am of course missing the opportunity to to heavy squats, deadlifts or bench presses and would love to workout from home about twice a week and also go to the gym twice a week.

Any way to have both journeys active at the same time? I feel the dumbbell workout is a bit one side without push-ups, pull-ups, barbells or anything else

Hey @Monkeypixels, welcome to the forum!
It is not possible at the moment to combine two journeys at the same time. However, I would suggest to change to the Hybrid Strength journey, you will have 2 barbell days and the rest will be a mix of Dumbbell, Kettlebell, bands and bodyweight, depending on what you tell the coach.