Beginner Journeys - which order?

Hello, I read a lot about the various Journeys offered by Freeletics, and as an absolute beginner I chose Smart Start. I have a question out of pure curiosity…

I’ve noticed several differences between ‘15-min Fitness’ and the two other “beginner” journeys: higher number of sessions, higher suggested number of sessions/week, and the last week is (for the first time) called ‘hell week’ and not ‘challenge week’.
But cardio and strength are the same as ‘Start Smart’ (1 star)… and maybe I don’t understand correctly the meaning of these one-two-three stars as well :see_no_evil:

So I’m wondering if ‘15-min Fitness’ is thought as

  • a beginner-intermediate journey before choosing a ‘regular’ one (and in this case, always a good choice even if one doesn’t want especially short sessions or to reduce the level);
  • or really just a journey for those who want only but short sessions.

I hope my question does make sense… (as English is not my mother tongue :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:) - thanks in advance for the explanation :pray:


The 15 Minuten Express Journey in fact is less intense than any other “non beginner” Training Journey - but it’s just designed for short sessions not to explicitly be beginner friendly.

Thank you for the answer - good to know! :+1:

I still have other questions but it’s about the other beginner journeys (and that’s still in the field of the topic title): which differences between Start Smart/Strong and Fit for Life? Is it better to achieve a minimum level of fitness and to master basic exercises before trying the Fit for Life?
I’m in my 2nd Start S., and wondering if I can give a try to Fit for Life after that.

You can definitely do that. It’s also a beginner journey, so you’re also going to get easier things but the coach will, as with all journeys, listen to your feedback and tone it back as necessary. But it will be a bit longer that start smart/strong.
You could also, if you’re up for a challenge try a different non beginner journey.

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Thank you for your answer @gameonplayer :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you mean that sessions are longer? For now mine are rather 20-25 minutes (including warmup & cooldown) while in theory it could go up to 40 in both TJs so I guess it’s related to my very beginner level rather than the journey :sweat_smile:

The only difference I can see is a two stars rating rather than one, but what does it mean concretely?

I tried in the past the “challenge” way but I ended up injuring myself… I got the lesson and now I prefer to build slowly rather than taking big leaps too fast and having setbacks :blush:

Yes the sessions will be longer. I guess that your sessions right now consist of warmup, one interval and cooldown. In fit for life you’ll probably get two intervals and they’ll be a bit more demanding.

That’s it - plus progression sometimes, mostly to pushups, kettlebell snatches and leg raises. I’ll try some “harder session” option to see if I can manage it - guess it would be a good sign that I’m ready to give a try to Fit for Life after this second Start S. :sunglasses:
Thanks again for your help! :pray:t2:

Sure, plus the progressions of course :slight_smile:
I don’t know the harder sessions can be too tough for me at times. Fit for life is not harder like this but also longer. But the coach will also listen to your feedbacks. You got this :muscle:

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