2 times the same exercice in the workout


Is it normal to do 2 times the same exercice in a workout ?

Next week I will have to do 4x4 dragonflags in a first interval, then 4x8 dragonflags in the second.
I could understand if it was 4x8 in the first then 4x4 in the second. Also it is the first time I will do dragonflag. 48 dragonflags, it is very much for a first time… :sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s absolutely normal. Sometimes you have to do twelve times the same exercise (like 30 Sprawls in a triple Orpheus) or 30th times (like 10 Pushups in a triple Odysseus) - and believe me: having the same exercise in two different intervals is not as boring as repeating the same in these workouts :wink:

Well, I understand but…

I don’t master the Leg Raises skill. And to do Dragonflags skill you have to master it.
So what the meaning to ask me to do 48 Dragonflags if I didn’t finish the Leg Raises skill ?

It looks like the coach doesn’t care the skills we mastered to do the workout…

You haven’t been with Freeletics for long or you haven’t logged many training sessions yet?
The coach works with mass data - the better he knows you (the more training data he has), the better the training is tailored to you.
In this case, scale the exercise and give appropriate feedback (too much, too hard, no star because of Dragonflags). The coach will learn from this.

I haven’t been with Freeletics for long time.
I understand the coach will learn from my feedback, but I need to master the leg raise skill before to try to master the dragonflag skill. And I didn’t master it yet.
So with this data, the coach shouldn’t give 48 dragonflags to do…