25 Clapping PushUps After 4 Rounds Hermes (80 PushUps)

Is this supposed to be right?

I really think that i am not able to do that much clapping pushups after 80 pushups :thinking:

Hi @gruber.alex.27 , the last part is usually meant to be a challenge! the Coach is testing your ability to do an explosive movement under fatigue as fast as possible. Good luck!

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To get this right.
Am i supposed to do as much as i am able to and then stop and say to the coach it was too hard.
Or should i do for example 10, pause and do more until i have all 25?

You are supposed to do 25.

Ok but why do i have a 100 Score on 25 Pullups?
I never did that much without pausing.

Time needed performing an exercise doesn’t matter when it comes to DAS Strength metric afaik.

Well, yeah, but it doesnβ€˜t make sense to give me 100 points for doing 25 Pullups in like 5 minutes :sweat_smile:

Where do i put my feedback for the new DAS?