3d week Barbell Gain no biceps exercises

Hi guys,
So I finished Hybride Strenght and it was absolutely awesome. I started Barbell Gain recently 3 days a week. I am on my 7 session and so far there was no Biceps exercises is that something that will change or will it stay like this until the end?

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Same here! I was wondering about this. The program is excellent, but I’ve noticed the absence of biceps myself. I was even thinking about doing sets on my own.

Maybe it comes later how many seasons you done already?

Perhaps it does, I’ve only done 5 sessions so far.

How many days are you guys doing?
I used to train 4-5 days a week using the barbell gain journey 2 years ago and remember I had some biceps work.
If you are only doing 3 days, it might be that the COach focuses on bigger compound lifts and prioritises on other movements. As you will have less volume throughout the week it doesn’t have time for targeted lifts such as the barbbell curls. You will definitly train them when doing bent rows and pull ups though!

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Sounds about right thanks for the answer:). I wonder if it’s possible to switch one of the excersizes to do a biceps instead

I guess you can switch the regular pull ups by chin ups if you would like more biceps activation. I’m not too sure what your days currently looks like but I would add biceps work on days where I don’t have pull ups and at least 48h after my last upper body day.

Good idea I will add biceps excersizes

Thanks @TomG I’ll make sure to train at least 4 days from now on.

I’m having the same issue this year! I’ve been using the app since 3 years ago now, in the past the barbell journey included a lot of workouts for the arms.

Then I started the mixed journey for 3 days a week and it included biceps curls and triceps extensions, and now I switched back to just barbell and it doesn’t include any of those workouts, I don’t think it has to be with the intensity since the last journey was just 2 days of barbell and 1 day of cardio and it included them, and now it’s 3 days and it doesn’t include those sets.

I also tried change the journey to 4 days a week and it keep showing me routines without those, it’s kind of sad that you can add specific sets to the routines, does anybody found a workaround this? Thank you so much!