Barbell gain and running

Hello everyone.
Has anybody tried to combine barbell gain journey with some running? I want to gain some strength/muscle but I also like to run - mostly for health and well being reasons not for fat loss at the moment. Could you recomend how week could look like? 2 times strength + 3 times running or the opposite? I’m 43 so recovery is crutial :slight_smile:
I’ve tried hybrid running journey - it’s great but no strength intervals.
Thank you

Hi @gviddon - This really depends on how you like to run. I got in some of the best shape in my life just doing Barbell strength work and Aerobic (low intensity) cardio. If you are ok with only running at an easy pace (able to speak in full sentences) then you can run every day if you want to. In the past, I found that 2 days of strength and 3-4 days of easy running were perfect for me. This was what my week looked like:

Monday: Barbell Strength Training
Tuesday: Easy Run (I would get some speed and hills in if I felt like it)
Wednesday: Recovery Run or Active Recovery (had to feel it out)
Thursday: Barbell Strength Training
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Long Aerobic Run
Sunday: Completely Off (Maybe some walking or Yoga)

This worked very well for me for over a year until my fitness goals changed and I needed to get some actual speed workouts in. When that happened, I started doing speed workouts on Thursday instead of the second lifting session.

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Hi, thank you for your response. Did you use barbell gain journey for strngth sessions ore some other exercises?

I was not using the Barbell Gain journey, but was doing my own similar routine. I can’t use the barbell routines because my gym doesn’t have a pull-up bar, which is required equipment.

I think Barbell Gain wuld be a great addition. If you pick 2 days, you will have 2 full body days, hitting legs and upper body twice a week, which is great for growth.

You could do the following:

  • Monday: Barbell Gain
  • Tuesday: Run
  • Wednesday: Freeletics Running God or Freeletics Bodyweight God with Running in it (Hermes is an example I think).
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Barbell Gain

Or you could have 3 days of Barbell Gain every other day and Running in between.

Monday: Barbell Gain
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday barbell Gain
Thursday rest
Friday Barbell Gain
Saturday run

Thanks. Good idea. I will probably go for 2 days barbell and 3 day easy running. I think adding one hiit running workout could impact my recovery. Thank you!