About feedback in Barbell sessions

Hey Ben, thanks for the updates.
For the workouts with weights I don’t have the choice to rate the weight as easy, ok or hard at the end but it basically asks twice if the repetitions have been done correctly (first with the bar and afterwards the ‚star‘ question)

I think it was a good feature to be able to rate the weight in these trainings, because sometimes after a training pause or when you did bodyweight only for a while you wanna dial the weights down and then get them up again… I think this should be reimplement…

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Hey Rich :wave:t2:

You can still edit the weight (up or down) should you need before starting an interval. The change to the feedback screen really is bringing everything in to line so that we have a common user experience, the feedback screens really don’t need to be different for each type of Journey :+1:t2:


Hey Ben, thank you for your answer!
I’m sorry but I have to disagree here. After a bodyweight interval a screen pops up asking me to rate
A) how good the technique was
B) how hard it was

After a strength workout it just asks me how good the technique was, after that the ‚old‘ star dialogue pops up.

So it is different only in pure weighted intervals… I’d be perfectly happy if it was the same rating screen as for bodyweight intervals

Are we referring to the same screens?

The feedback loop should now be very similar :point_down:t2:

Bodyweight session :point_down:t2:

. . .

Barbell session :point_down:t2:


There is now no separate star screen for either of these Journeys. This is automatically awarded dependent on the answer to the “How was your technique?” question on the feedback screen.

Going to move this to a separate topic :+1:t2:


Interesting! No it doesn’t look like that in my app.
I’m gonna post a picture tomorrow.
Running iOS 16.0.2 on an IPhone 13 Pro and the app is 22.39.0

Strange :thinking:

That would be helpful :+1:t2:

I’m pretty sure rollout should be complete with the version of the app :point_down:t2: but I’ll also check this in the office tomorrow.


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Hey @Antagonyst :wave:t2:

Are you still encountering this? We quickly tried to reproduce this but everything looked as expected.

Hopefully everything is fine now, but please let me know so we can try and look further at this if needed :+1:t2:


Hey Ben, sorry for replying that late, but I couldn’t train yesterday. The issue seems resolved with the last update. Thank you!

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Ah, no worries! Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem :smiling_face:

Glad to hear it’s resolved :+1:t2:


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