About technique feedback

I have a question about the technique feedback. There are many exercises I can do but I need to work on mobility - my right hip range of motion is especially short for example. That’s why I love squats and side lunges and I’m doing it quite well, excepted this imbalance between left and right, and of course my hips are NEVER at the same level than the knees :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: But all this is improving with practice :+1: :+1: :+1:
Now I’m wondering - should I give a negative feedback “not with the correct technique” until I meet the range of motion criteria?
Intuitively for sumo squats I would give a negative feedback as I cannot do it at all and need an intermediate exercise (like the standard squats) - but not for squats and side lunges that I NEED to practice in order to improve… does it make sense? What would you advise me?
Thanks for the help :pray:

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Hi Yanne, normally I advocate for good technique. But since you are doing squats and side lunges correctly, and it is just about the range of motion which is not exactly the same as technique, I would give feedback “I could perform it with the correct technique”. When you improve your mobility, there is another feedback option - “I could perform it with perfect technique”.

For sumo squats I’d give feedback “I had to replace the exercise”.

@Sofia Ah the difference between ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ is a good point :+1:

Do you know if the Coach is taking any information from the exclusion of an exercise?
Most of those I blocked were part of warmup and cooldown, and as there is no feedback on these parts, temporary exclusion was my only option… but I don’t know if exclusion acts as a kind of feedback for the Coach.


Mm not 100% sure but I think the only thing it does is exclude it from the plan. Some people might block some exercises because they are noisy or something like that, not because they cannot do them. As soon as you unblock an exercise, Coach can start adding it to your workouts.

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