Are various Freeletics bodyweight journeys really different?

My question is by no means provocative, it’s a real question.

I don’t get the difference between various bodyweight journeys in the context of a coach I can finely tune to « harder » or « less difficult »

I mean, if I take a « Cardio Burn » journey (the less difficult one) and I say several time to the coach that I want something harder, what will differentiate my resulting journey form a « Balanced Burn » or a « Shred & Burn » ?
If I take a « Balanced Brun » and I insist for the coach to create a much much much harder program, how far will I be from a Hardcore ?

Is there somewhere a sheet stating for each journey what is the most difficult exercice reached ?

Thanks in advance

Comparing a single coach session and turning it into really hard, you could get a session that could also be assigned by coach in Hardcore Journey. The main difference is: the Hardcore Journey is always hard as fuck and you really do not have the option to scale it to an easier session. My Journey often contains gods in a Double or Triplet and I’m often being asked if I’m doing the Hardcore - what I don’t do. Remembering the time I did : Hardcore often came with two gods in a coach session. It always last more than an hour. And of course, it was really hardcore and no comparison to any other Bodyweight Journey I did.


Thanks a lot