How to design a CrossFit style program

Hi everyone!

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I’ve been using the app for a while now (6 months aprox) but can’t seem to find my perfect training journey. I’m looking for something very demanding that is similar to what you would get in an elite CrossFit box. Some way to combine complex strength exercises to build mass while always ensuring your workout makes you sweat and improves endurance.

I’ve been thinking of combining a strength journey with god workouts.

Any tips?


Isnt that just the Hardcore Journey?

“Expect intense, exhausting, and technically advanced sessions centered around our signature God Workouts”

But that would be missing the weights part, right?

That’s the problem - also want to progress on my weightlifting

Hi @simontorras, and welcome to the forum!
Have you tried the hybrid strength journey while having all pieces of equipment enabled?

I am currently on it 5days a week, and it looks similar to what you are trying to find. I have 2 heavy barrel-work days (upper and lower), developing strength in the big 3 lifts. Then I have 2 hybrid days with a mix of dumbbells, kettlebells and bodyweight intervals. (One upper and one lower), usually, I will have 2 intervals on these days, one more strength focus with moderate pace and another one more conditioning. For example, Tuesday, I had some jumping squats paired with sprawls, mountain climbers, and dumbbell cleans.
And then, I will also have one day dedicated to a god training.

Then you can up the intensity you telling the coach the session was « easy » or « too easy ».

I find this journey awesome and sort of CrossFit like, without the oly lifts. You work your abs everyday and cardio/conditioning 3 days a week as the barbell days don’t really include cardio. Although you could add a skipping rope workout or god (like deino) at the end of them.

I hope that helps!


Weights-Free Gain! Just add some rope and weight workouts every now and then to really finish you off :muscle:

Thanks, Tom!! Sounds like a great plan :slight_smile:

I’ll start doing this!

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