Inconsistent Weight Progression

I never was OK with how the coach progressed the weights, I kept telling the app that the weights were “Too Light,” but it never adjusted properly. It’s gotten to the point where I just keep track of the weights on paper and disregard adjusting the weights with Coach.

But this week, something weird has happened. The weights just dipped. I don’t know why but the weights didn’t even stay the same.

Have a look at the picture below. Before and After are a week apart.

My theory: during the third round, I put the app in the background and scrolled on Instagram a bit, and came back after a longer rest (hence 293s rest). Maybe that messed with the algorithm?

As I said, I don’t actually use those values anymore, but I wanted to report it as others probably depend on the correct adjustment of their exercise.

I hope this helps.


Same problem here…
Last squat session 4*6 with 74kg, next session with 27,5kg… and this is only an example.
I have reported this bug many times.


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I noticed this in my current barbell journey…
I thought it was an improvement on the original journey, by creating “rest weeks” where instead of going heavier, you would only do maintenance work.

But it’s been happening for two weeks, with some excercises going heavier and others progressively lighter, to the point I’m beginning to think this is a rather unfortunate bug :frowning:

Same here. I’m just finishing Dumbbell Strength and it was disappointing. I loved it at first, but then, it focuses in the upper body and had the same problem with the weights. I actually had to keep track on paper as well.

Sadly, I can’t recommend this journey.

I have the same problem. I asked support for help and i got aswer that i dont udrestand :). The problem occured when i manually changed weights during workouts for slightly lighter. Next session i got weight that were waaay too light. Gere is the answer i got from freeletics support:

"During your back squat interval, on the second warm-up round, you were assigned 6 reps at 60kg, with the later working sets set at 84kg. However, you chose to lower the weight in that warm-up round to 50kg. This had two effects:

Firstly, the weight of the subsequent working sets was adjusted accordingly, reducing it from the originally assigned 84kg to the 75kg you mentioned in your email.

Secondly, it’s important to note that whenever you selects a lower weight than what the Coach assigns or performs fewer reps in a set than what was assigned, it is considered as hitting failure on that set. This is precisely what happened in your case (there is here no option to give a different feedback since that’s the app logic).

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the first instance of hitting failure in an interval is used to establish your new one-rep max for future reference. This means that subsequent sets within the interval are not taken into consideration, as the initial failure set indicates your current capability limit.

While there could be valid reasons for lowering an assigned weight (such as unavailability of certain weight plates or ease of loading the bar), our user experience was designed to avoid excessive user interface complexity by separately asking if failure was reached in each and every set. Hence, the logic described above was implemented."

It is still a Problem, I just opened a new discussion.

Same here. Inconsistent weight lifting, weights dropping down to 12,5kg !!! And no support service anymore from Freeletics. I will not renew my subscription.

We do have a whole team here at Freeletics to offer you support when you need it :+1:t2:

I’ll be very happy to take a look at your training if you can share some screenshots highlighting what you think is incorrect.


Hi @Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. I feel quite surprised that I can’t find any link where I can contact customer support directly. As you can see, this questions me about the renewal of my subscription. I think a direct customer support should come along with any paying subscription.

That said, please check the 2 attached screen shots from my last Freeletics training. As you can see, it offers me to lift 5kg on the bench press. Have I suddenly become too old? :slight_smile: Of course I didn’t follow the recommendation, I replaced it with the program I did the past week.

Best regards.

And another screenshot (as a new user I can’t upload 2 in one post… weird).

And do you remember on what date you did this session?


Hard not to remember. I did it yesterday.


I’ve sent you a DM :+1:t2:


Sorry, I don’t see any DM