Inconsistent Weight Progression

I never was OK with how the coach progressed the weights, I kept telling the app that the weights were “Too Light,” but it never adjusted properly. It’s gotten to the point where I just keep track of the weights on paper and disregard adjusting the weights with Coach.

But this week, something weird has happened. The weights just dipped. I don’t know why but the weights didn’t even stay the same.

Have a look at the picture below. Before and After are a week apart.

My theory: during the third round, I put the app in the background and scrolled on Instagram a bit, and came back after a longer rest (hence 293s rest). Maybe that messed with the algorithm?

As I said, I don’t actually use those values anymore, but I wanted to report it as others probably depend on the correct adjustment of their exercise.

I hope this helps.


Same problem here…
Last squat session 4*6 with 74kg, next session with 27,5kg… and this is only an example.
I have reported this bug many times.


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I noticed this in my current barbell journey…
I thought it was an improvement on the original journey, by creating “rest weeks” where instead of going heavier, you would only do maintenance work.

But it’s been happening for two weeks, with some excercises going heavier and others progressively lighter, to the point I’m beginning to think this is a rather unfortunate bug :frowning: