Barbell glutes and abs

Loving the app and this forum! I have been doing strength training for 10 years now, and ofc doing lots of upper body (just to not sound completely like a stereotypical girl with this question) - but where are the barbell hipthrusts and glutebridge at? Would love to implement it in my programs! As well as ab mat situp! Am I the only one missing these ones?


Hi @Susanne :wave: Welcome to the Freeletics Forum! Thanks so much for your positive comments on the Training App and Forum so far :heart:
Yes, unfortunately these exercises are not yet in the App but we are working hard on introducing more exercises, including Hip Thrusts in the future. It’s great that you have also added your voice to getting these exercises added so thank you for getting in touch with your comments!
There are some really great Dumbbell workouts that include exercises targeting the same areas, that you can access via the “Explore” tab and tapping on “Dumbbell” under “Equipment workouts”:

  • Weighted Glutes & Legs
  • Weighted Leg Day
  • Lower-body Double Dumbbell Circuit

I think you might enjoy some of these, but you will need Dumbbells to complete them.
Hope this helps give some tips!
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Hey @Susanne

Definitely try out the Dumbbell workouts @Esri mentioned-they are a killer :sweat_smile: