Hybrid strength. recommended weight bug

Hi, I encountered a problem in the latest update of the hybrid strength training journey after the introduction of the ability to manually change the weight.
Yesterday I did 3 reps of bench press with 74kg and then I reduced the weight to 70kg in the last few sets and gave positive feedback asking to keep the same intensity.
For next week the Coach has assigned me 3 sets of 3 reps of bench press with 37.5kg !!! this is definitely a bug. I will therefore adjust the weight to maintain a progression.
Gian Luca

Xiaomi mi 9 lite, MIUI 12, Android 11, 22.38 beta app

Yes, unfortunately we’re aware of a bug with the Barbell Journeys here. We have issued a fix for this, so this shouldn’t continue to be a problem :+1:t2:


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