Both weights and bodyweight during the week

What is the best way to get a combination of weights, bodyweight and hiit during the week of workouts – looking for the most “all-around” week of workouts that I can get.

The Hybrid Strength Training Journey is the way to go then. You’ll always get two weight sessions and the rest of your week gets filled up with bodyweight sessions. If you tell the coach to set up for 4 training days per week it might look like this: two weight sessions, one interval, one god workout

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great thnx!

I agree with Mike, but that assumes that you have access to a barbell, bench, and squat rack setup. I only have access to a Kettlebell, so I made my own Hybrid Strength-like “journey” by doing the Explosive Strength journey (or you could do Weights Free Gain) 2 days per week and doing build your own kettlebell days using the a la carte workouts on the explore tab (usually Pulse Raiser, 2 Kettlebell workouts of my choice based on my coach workouts that week, then Daily Stretch). You can do a similar thing with the dumbbell workouts if that is all you have access to.