Calculator for Non-Standard Weights and Barbells

Hey everyone,

I’d like to share a tool that I use very frequently, for those of us who work with a variety of non-standard weights and barbells. It’s a tool to take the math out of the equation when loading your barbells based on the weights you possess.

I initially created this to solve my own problem: I purchased a set of cast-iron weight plates from Decathlon, along with 1" barbells that deviate from the standard size. Additionally, I made a few concrete weight plates (Because, god, heavy weights are expensive!) that are far from conventional weights.

Now, imagine when I want to work with a specific barbell weight. Calculating and loading the barbell in a swiftly becomes a daunting task. Sure, I can do the math, subtract the weight of the barbell, divide by two, figure out the plate combination, but It surely won’t be quick.

That’s precisely why I created this calculator. This tool will simplify the process with a printable list of weights, guiding you on how to load your barbell based on the weights you possess. With a non-standard weight set like mine, this tool has become an indispensable asset in my gym routine.

It gives me two things:

  1. How to load a barbell with the minimum amount of plates.
  2. The range of weights I can work with, or alternative loading options when a plate is unavailable (e.g. my partner uses the 5kg plates at that time)

If you’re facing the same challenge, give this a try, It’s a one-pager tool available here:

Simply input the weights you have, and print it out. Or use on the go.

I’ve printed out two copies of the weight charts—one for the larger barbell and another for the smaller one—and I find myself constantly referring to them during my workouts to ensure accurate and efficient barbell loading between sets.

Feel free to ask any questions or share your feedback.


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