Can I reset my Training Coach?

It is not really necessary to completely reset your Training Coach to zero as the Coach depends on your training history to personalize your training. Please keep in mind that your Freeletics level does not affect the intensity of the training you will be given. This means that the difficulty of your training does not increase as your level increases.

However, this does not mean that you are not able to adjust your Coach if you find that your training is too difficult or too easy.

If you have taken a break from training or your fitness level has changed, you have the following options to adjust your Coach:

  1. Adapt the intensity by generating an easier or harder session.
  2. Make sure you are giving accurate feedback when asked for it in the app. The Coach adapts even faster by taking your feedback after each session into account before generating your next Training session.

If it has been more than a month since your last training with Freeletics the Coach will give you an option to continue your current Journey with an easier session or to continue with the session planned.

You are also able to choose a new Journey at any time should you wish to. You will begin your progress in any new Journey from week 1, while keeping your previous training history and PBs. If you feel that your training is too hard after a break, you may want to consider switching to Start Strong/Start Smart or 15 min Fitness to ease back into training.