Changing order of workouts

Hi everyone,

Currently on the barbell Hybrid journey, after a break during Christmas, I realise that the order of the workouts during the week has changed, and I was wondering if there was a trick to change it again.
Currently, the coach is laying out the week as follows:

  • Monday bodyweight upper
  • Tuesday bodyweight lower
  • Wednesday barbell upper
  • Thursday god
  • Friday barbell lower.

I want to switch the end of the week to be the beginning, to have all the heavy work when I’m fresher( heavy upper, god, heavy lower, bodyweight upper and Friday bodyweight lower).

I hope that makes sense, and please let me know if any of you know a trick to modify the set-up!


You can literally start any of the workouts on any day! Just start the workout you want to start, no matter what day it is, and it’ll shift to today once you’ve started it (or maybe completed it?) and shift all of the other workouts back a day.

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Awesome thanks @lexilepton i didn’t know you could do that! I’ll try next week thanks

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