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Sometimes the assigned exercises in Freeletics workouts can seem intimidating. They can be too intense or advanced for your current fitness level. Here’s an outline of the different versions of each exercise and how they compare in difficulty.

Each row of exercises tests a similar group of muscles, but to different levels of intensity and complexity. Standard versions offer the least level of exertion per repetition, with Advanced providing the most challenging.

Use this table as a reference when you’re looking for easier exercises in the future, but always strive to progress by completing exactly what your Coach gives you!

Standard Intermediate Advanced
High Knees Jumps High Jumps
Jumping Pullups Pullups Muscleups
Knee Pushups Pushups One-Arm Pushups
Mountain Climbers Climbers Froggers
Pikes - Handstand Pushups
Sprawl Frogs Burpee Frogs Burpee Deepfrogs
Sprawls Burpee Burpee Squat Jumps
Assisted Standups Standups Standup Jumps
Assisted Squats Squats Pistols
Assisted Lunges Lunges Split Lunges
Assisted Lunge Walk Lunge Walk -
Leg Raises Straight Leg Raises Toes to Bar
Crunches Situps Jackknives
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