Classic question :) choosing my next journey

I’ve just completed my 6th journey. It was the ‘Natural Tone’ with added dumbbells and I really liked it.

I like to try different stuff, so I don’t want to do the same journey two times in a row :upside_down_face:. Looking for opinions on the next best journey for me.

What I am looking for: I want a journey where I can work on developing new skills, new challenging movements, improve strength, try new gods.
I don’t care for cardio too much, as I do a good amount of walking, hiking and some bike commuting, although it’s fine if cardio is in there.

My equipment: Dumbbells and plates.

My limitations: I train at home most days, so no barbell, no kettlebell, no bench and no pull-up bar.
Writing all of this down, I am starting to think I should just expand my equipment and get resistance bands, a pull-up bar and I’m set? :sweat_smile:

Journeys I’ve got my eye on so far: “Fit & Toned” ( Everyday Strength (M)) and “Tone & Tighten” (Shred & Burn (M)).
Both list * cardio and *** strength. The description for them in the app and on the web is almost identical.

Any advice on the difference between the two journeys above, or advice to get a different journey?

I don’t know the difference between these two journeys, but IMHO a set of resistance bands are relatively inexpensive and unlock a whole bunch of great exercises.

@claudioszw yep, I think the same! Adding equipment really makes the workouts more varied. I’ll get them.

I haven’t tried tone & tighten, or at least i think so, as the names are different in german but i’ve only tried natural tone and fit & toned. I think fit & toned had a tad more endurance than natural tone.
But I would highly advise you to invest in a pull up bar. I had resistance bands before the bar and would opt more to the bar because it’s just more used in the journeys and it’s so satyisfing being able to push oneself like that (especially with your biceps, pull ups should be no problem :wink:)

Just a side node:
You need biceps especially for chinups. For pullups, the lat is doing most of the work.

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