Coach - I’m pregnant!

Okay, so I’m the wrong gender to be pregnant but I know my wife has loved using Freeletics and is left wondering what to do if we are lucky enough to conceive. Is everything safe to do while pregnant? Does she need to dial it back? An option to tell the coach and have a pregnancy training journey would be awesome :slight_smile:


Hi simsUK,

I’ve been wondering the same thing… hopefully, someone will respond.
A pregnancy Freeletics journey would be awesome! I’ve read about that in another Freeletics Facebook group and many women suggested that.

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Hey @SimsUK and @Sarah :wave:t2:

This is a common topic that comes up regularly. First of all I think it’s really important to note that the pregnancy journey will be different for every woman.

Whilst exercising during pregnancy likely has many benefits for most woman, the type of High Intensity Training offered by Freeletics is probably not suitable for most pregnant woman and as such we do not recommend to continue training with the Freeletics app during this time.

It’s an area that stirs up a lot of conversation, what works for one will not work for everyone else, and it certainly doesn’t help that there is such conflicting advice on the subject.

Freeletics would always recommend speaking to your Doctor or healthcare professional so that one can get the best personal advice based on their own pregnancy journey.

The below short video has a few woman sharing their own very different experiences of training whilst pregnant.

Great question by the way :+1:t2:


Hey @SimsUK and @Sarah one of our ambassadors trained while being pregnant as far as I know and she might be able to help out with that, in addition to Ben’s link. She is on Instagram so feel free to message her there :slight_smile: