Coach suggestion new training journey erroneous

Hi, the suggestion for a new training journey I received from the AI coach does not make any sense at all.

I have selected:

  • priorities: 1) increase endurance, 2) become fit, and only in 3rd place getting stronger

  • modalities: 1st running, 2nd bodyweight, 3rd small weights, other 2 options left unchecked

I had also indicated from a previous journey that I do not have access to a pullup bar.

Nevertheless, the coach recommended me the “hybrid strength” training journey which

  1. requires mandatorily a pull-up bar
  2. focuses mainly on strength/muscles and less on cardio
  3. does not include running at all (my first priority) but includes barbell exercises which I have not even included in my wish list

So the algorithm clearly did not work in my case - for some unknown reason- and should be adjusted.

Hey, it really sounds like it didn’t do a great job for you. For me it sounds like HIIT and run would be the best choice for you.


Agred! it looks like the HIIT and Run option would be best!