Creating barbell workout

When creating workout with exercises like “barbell bench press”, “back squats”, “weighted hip raises” my customized weights are shown as 2x desired weight. Example: I am trying to get 100kg in total for squats, the exercise show 2x100kg as it thinks it is dumbbells.
Same for bench press and all other exercises with barbells…

If I leave it as standard 10 reps 20kg, it says exactly that when starting the exercises as well.

Hi @Roger Do you like to share one of your customised workouts?
I’m not able to reproduce your problem.

Pls see attached photos.
Test 1 without customizing weights
Test 2 with customized weights

That’s crazy, because I’m able to create this:

I guess you should provide some more infos about your OS, Freeletics App Version and mobile phone used so someone from Freeletics could reproduce it.

Was that in the create workout section, or in the single exercise section?

I created a workout with workout creator.


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Yes please :point_up:t2: Also not currently able to reproduce it :cry:


Version 23.19.0. iOS iPhone 14 pro.
Same on my iPad…

I’m seeing the same in my custom workouts as well.

They look like that under my “posts” after I executed those workouts, also. Name is Onat Bas, I executed this workout “Kettlebell HIIT” a week ago, would be interesting to see how you view it in your app. iPhone 13 Pro

Then it is not only my app…

Yeah, definitely not. And maybe a thing of note is that my exercises are with kettlebells here.

Just to verify your scenario. I edited a workout of mine, which had a bunch of Back Squats with unedited weights. Edited one of the weights, and can reproduce this immediately. - iPhone 13 Pro.

I can confirm that on on iOS as well.
Doesn’t matter if I adjust reps or weight.

@Ben as you can see, several people are able to reproduce this bug…

We’ll look in to it :+1:t2:

Just for expectation management, I think it could take a bit of time, but I’ll try to update when I can.


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