Daily calories + Macros

Hi All,

I was wondering if folks would be interested in sharing about their daily calorie intake + macros.

Info: (Share whatever info you feel like)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78.6kg
Daily calories intake: 2300 - 2500 (since I started tracking 10 days ago)
Macros: I don’t pay too much attention for now except protein intake which I am keeping between 120-150g per day
Which app you’re using to keep track (if any): Lose it!

I’ll start with this.
Before I started tracking calories I lost almost 6kg in a span of little over 2 months which was too much in such a short period.
Online calorie calculators did not help me at all to get a sense of how much calories I should eat in a day. Numbers would vary soo much.

Keeping my calorie intake between 2300- 2500 for a month until I make any adjustments based on progression with weight, strength etc…

Any advices or ideas please feel free to share!

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Oooh, I don’t mind sharing my own approach! This is my own personal approach that has consistently helped me lose kgs of weight prior to the cycling season :biking_man:t2:

So, first of all, I only tend to focus on this for around 3-4 months each year starting in January :+1:t2:

My own info:

Tend to aim for a target between 69-71kg whilst tracking
Daily calorie intake fluctuates greatly depending on expenditure, looking at earlier this year it can be anything from 1750 to >5000 per day depending on my training load
Macros-I stick to a HCLF plant-based diet (ideally around 80% carbs, but usually fall in the 70-85% range)
I’m a dinosaur so I use Excel :sweat_smile: along with MFP

I agree completely with this :point_up:t2:

Also, I would just really highlight to anyone reading, that although I think tracking can be useful, I do think that long term it can lead to unhealthy habits if it takes away your focus from leading a healthy, active and fun life. But it can be useful to help you identify trends in your own fitness journey :+1:t2:



Your current calorie intake of 2300-2500 calories per day seems like a reasonable starting point, especially since you’re still new to tracking calories. It’s important to find an intake that allows you to maintain your energy levels and feel your best. If you find that you’re constantly feeling hungry or lacking energy, you may need to increase your calorie intake slightly. Conversely, if you’re consistently gaining weight, you may need to decrease your calorie intake slightly.
our protein intake of 120-150 grams per day is a good goal. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, and it can also help you feel full and satisfied after meals. Aim to spread your protein intake throughout the day by including it in each meal and snack.

As for the other macros, carbohydrates and fats, you don’t need to track them too closely right now. Just focus on eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods from all food groups. This will help ensure that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

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Quick update on this. Post was created on 08.Oct and around 2 weeks after I stopped tracking.
Just wasn’t for me. Felt like a burden and wasn’t enjoying the process.

This 100%

I noticed after a month of tracking food that somehow I had less of variety in my diet.