Daily Training - 7 days

Also wondering if athlete can choose to train every day, instead of max being 5 currently? Or if this could please be considered for a future update, possibly with shorter/easier sessions each day if athlete chooses to train every day of the week?


Hi @mac.nikolaos001,
While HIIT has been shown to be effective for weight loss and cardiovascular improvement, excessive training over time can sometimes lead to several drawbacks, including overtraining and risk of injury. Rest days allow your muscles to repair and recover from the stress of exercise, which is critical for muscle growth and overall strength. For this reason, we have limited the number of training days in the app to a maximum of 5 per week.
However, if you want to hack this, you can always start your next scheduled training to the current day and get to 7 days per week. Also keep in mind that the last week (hell week in most TJs) will include 7 days of training.