DAS a bit unmotivating

As title says.

I know the DAS has just been pushed out but im finding it a bit unmotivating and constantly in my face eachtime i open the app and go to my profile.

I feel like DAS shouldn’t take priority view over seing my past workouts first.

Anyways, just came back from holiday and super tired even tho i trained the week i was on holiday i was suppose to train yesterday but due to traveling was too tired to do so, so I moved the date to sunday and even after beating my PB on a God workout my DAS has gone down due to the consitenacy factor even tho ive hit 4 times training per week.

Could this please be looked into? I said to the coach to change sat to sun it changes but my DAS decreases from 89 to 88. Kind of feel like I dont have that freedom anymore to work the training around my schedule more so need to balance everything around my training days.

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