Dumbbell Gain why there are bodyweight exercises

Hi @Ben,
I’d like to ask why the workouts include bodyweight exercises instead of dumbbell equivalents.
I understand this for core muscels but for internvals wouldn’t it be more efficient to have dumbbell exercises. For example in an interval after Dumbbell Bicep Curls the coach includes Side Dips. Wouldn’t it be more effective to do tricep extensions?

Also on some intervals (mainly lower body) dumbbell exercises are followed by the same exercise without weights, why is that?

Hi @humanafterall, I don’t have as much insight as @Ben but I had a few theories on that.
I think the Side dips is there to increase muscle endurance and work on that triceps pump as the reps are higher. Also, if performed correctly it is a great strength exercise, if you really focus on your triceps and chest and completely switch off your abs, you would essentially perform a half one arm push up.

For the hip raises, my theory by looking at the structure of this superset is to be able to perform the same exercise past failure. For example, theoretically, you couldn’t do a 7th rep on that first exercise, by getting rid of the weight, you are able to train past failure and experience greater muscle hypertrophy . The second exercise is also time-based versus rep based which makes it a great “finisher” for that muscle group.

I hope that helps while we wait for the real answer! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ben, Any chance you had a look at this?

Hi @TomG,

Thanks for your input, it sounds logical, but for the Side Dips it would be better to work the triceps with Dumbbells (Side Dips are not that easy to perform). Hip raises with bodyweight could be omitted and add 6 more resp to the Weighted Hip Raises to train past failure quicker. Since it is a dumbbell gain program. Maybe there is another explaination though? Waiting for @Ben

The sets where you do a dumbbell exercise followed by the same exercise using Bodyweight is a burnout set. Great way to overload the muscle. I love those sets really smokes my legs. I’d love if they did that for upper body workouts. A set of bench followed by 30-60 seconds of push-ups to really destroy your chest. Or even with back. Do a set of rows followed by a set of pull-ups or inverted rows. I’m also really wanting Freeletics to incorporate weighted pull-ups or chin-ups.