Dumbbell tone programm

The dunbell tone program is supposed to be for the whole body but I am at session 8 and it’s always mostly upper body.
Plus the coach does not seem to take into account the feedback at all.

Hey, what do you mean with, it doesn’t take the feedback into account? :slight_smile:


I am assuming that if my feedback is that an exercise if far too hard for me to complete, the next time it proposes it, it is easier. For example the other day my feedback was I cannot do 20 rep with 7.5kg x 6 rounds and today same exercise again, that I cannot do so not very useful.
Am I wrong in expecting it should adapt it?

Thank you

Well I never had this type of journey but I will try to help, maybe someone can correct me if I say something wrong :slight_smile:
If you said that you couldn’t do it, and your feedback was that it was “too hard” i.e. tone it back, maybe the coach won’t adjust right away but rather after a few times bc you could’ve also not been feeling that great and next time could be better.
In bodyweight journeys you also have the option to say that your technique of the exercise wasn’t good and you just did “ok” and the coach will put both into consideration next times.

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Hi @9p85nx6qnn , @gameonplayer is right on this one I think. It can take a few times with a similar feedback for the Coach to scale back.
It will also depend on the weights you have indicated as available in your settings. If the Coach thinks there’s not enough diversity of weights for it to adjust the weights properly, it can take some time to scale back.

You should have the option to adjust the weight manually during a session with the"C" button at the top left hand corner of your screen. Doing this can help tell the Coach what is your starting point for this exercise.

Regarding the Upper Body only training, that shouldn’t happen I think, you should have a well rounded training. How many days per week are you doing?

Thanks to both.
As per the upper body training only, i have 3 days per week.
So fare it has been something like warmup, then lower body 5 minutes, then 2 parts of upper body, one of which quite long (20 m or generally 6 rounds) and then a little core.
It doesn’t seem right to me

Hi again, is there any way I can contact the freeletics team re the issue of the trainong being mostly upper body? Thanks

you can use this website :slight_smile: