Dumbbell weight for the dumbbell gain journey

Starting the dumbbell gain journey but the weights are not clear or seem way off. How do you interpret the required weight for dumbbell squat ( 2x 90 lbs) is it total weight or each dumbbell? 4 sets of 12 2x90 lbs with 30 seconds rest seems too much for someone at 200 lbs.

Hey @alebilly :wave:t2:

If you find an assigned interval too much and were not able to do it all-just give the correct feedback at the end of the session to indicate this :+1:t2:

The feedback you give the Coach is vital to it understanding your current fitness levels and assigning more suitable trainings in the future.


To answer this part of the question, this is a dumbbell of 90 lbs + another dumbbell also of 90 lbs. Big boys.

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big boys indeed! gracias!!

awesome, thanks Ben. I think the coach is hitting it heavy, but that’s the way to go!

Let it know with the feedback, and it’ll very quickly get the weights right :+1:t2:

And keep up the super efforts :muscle:t2: