How to read dumbells weight

Hello, I just started my first training journey with dumbells and I dont understand how the weights work. When the coach says “20lbs”, does it mean 20lbs in total or 20lbs in each hand?

Example of what the coach says:

Hi @Lorenzo! Well done on starting your first weight journey !

I’m pretty sure it is total weight for movement that involve the whole body and split up for movement that works one side then the other.
For example, dumbbell squat: total weight (left hand + right hand). And dumbbell curls would be weight carried by one hand.
But maybe @Ben can confirm :slight_smile:

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Hey Lorenzo :wave:t2:

Welcome to the Forum! Tom nailed it with his answer-I can’t reply any better :joy: Basically here you want to be squatting with 20lbs total weight :+1:t2:


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But what if for example it said:
2x20 lbs (Dumbell bench press)

Would that be 20 on each hand?

Hi @Lorenzo, in that case, I believe it would be in each hand indeed, as the coach says 2x.


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