FL Warmup (is it enough?)

Hi all,

Do you find FL warmup to be enough for a workout ahead or you do your own before FL one?

I find FL warmup insufficient as its mainly focus is on getting heart rate up and it doesn’t focus on joints and flexibility that much.
I would normally go for a 10-15min stretching and joint flexibility routine before going to FL warmup.

Would like to hear if I’m not the only one :sunglasses:


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The warm up includes some dynamic stretching as far as I know.
But no static stretching which are better after a workout. And those are included in the cool down.
I personally feel like the warmups are enough for me and 10-15 minutes of warm up would be too much for me.

Yeah, the warmup definitely includes dynamic stretching but I just feel like it’s not enough.
I’m on a HIIT and run journey and so far most of the warmups are starting with 30 jumping jacks followed by 6-10 sprawls.
If I don’t take some time to stretch and grease my squeaky joints, even jumping jacks can feel like pain sometimes :smiley:
But that’s just me, that’s why I wanted to see if anyone else feels the same.


My warmups typically include 7-11 exercises and are always enough for me, but I do non-running journeys. Perhaps what you say is true for the running ones if it is just 2 exercises

Sorry, my wording was bad. It’s more that two exercises. My point was that (in my case) warmup usually starts with those two (Jumping jacks, sprawls) and if I’m not stretched properly beforehand they can be hard on joints.
I normally do dynamic stretching and mobility routine before starting FL warmup.
And don’t get me wrong, FL warmup is great. It gets my heart rate up and for sure it warms me up.

Ah, I see what you mean. You need a non-jumping warmup before going into all the jumping.

I actually have very weak joints but I never thought of it. What I do is I only jump in good sports shoes, over a mat, and land softly. But maybe I should consider warming up my joints beforehand. What would it be - like knee circles, knee to chest?

Yes, pretty much anything that would loosen the joints. Including knee circles and knee to chest.
And focusing on dynamic stretching over static as mentioned in the comment above from @gameonplayer

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