Freeletics Training Vest - dedicated journey?

I really like the idea of doing a workout with the vest and was considering purchasing one from the Freeletics shop. However, I can’t find any option to set it up as an accessory in the app. Is this feature coming soon?

Additionally, I was thinking about adjusting my weight in the app for extra 10 kg and using the vest throughout my entire journey. Is it acceptable to approach it this way?

Ideally, it would be fantastic to have a dedicated journey for the Vest. No need for new video recordings, just add an icon of the vest with descriptions like: use vest with 5kg/10kg/15kg loads and put it on pull-ups, muscle-ups, pushups, squats, etc. etc., along with the right calculations for reps/load, and we’re good to go.

It would be so much fun to integrate the vest into God workouts! :man_lifting_weights:


Sounds like a good idea.

But why not just add vest and follow your normal coach training?

You would do exactly the same plan and workouts only it would be harder because of added weight.

But I like the idea, was thinking to do the same once I get better (far from there myself :smiley: )

You could just add the vest to your already selected Journey. But be aware that this could mislead the coach to assume that you are doing step backwards in terms of your stamina because you won’t be able to reach your already existing PBs.

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Exactly as @melaLetics posted. That’s why I haven’t bought the vest yet, and I’m keeping an eye on this offer since it appeared in the store. I’m still waiting for an update of the Freeletics app/journeys.

I have been training with a vest in FL for years. I use the vest for the single exercise progressions at the beginning of my workouts and I use it for any intervals but then I take it off for Gods and the high intensity finishers at the end.

I have been doing this method off and on, not consistently. This has worked well for me. I am getting stronger but the fast god workouts seem to prevent the coach from thinking that my stamina is getting worse.

The weighted vest is meant to augment the normal bodyweight training so it can pretty much be added to any existing journey but I do think it would be nice for FL to allow us to indicate that we are wearing the vest so that it factors it into its recommendations.


@freeletics - ?

Hi Pawel, we really don’t aim to comment on every single feature request but we do keep track of different requests that come up frequently and generate discussion.

As I have said many times previously, when we have updates we will share them :+1:t2:


I hope too

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