How to add cardiovascular exercise to my trip

good morning, how can I tell the coach to add cardio sessions to my trip? I have the races and sprints tab unlocked but it doesn’t add them to me. Thank you

Hey @Marc_morben :wave:t2:

With some journeys the Coach will rarely assign runs or sprints in a workout. Generally journeys with goals of building muscle, like “Weights Free Gain”, will have far fewer runs compared to a journey focused on losing weight like “Cardio Burn”.

The best thing to do here is simply add in to your training as you go along either a Free-run, or a God that only, or simply includes, runs and sprints. You can do all of this in the “Explore” tab :+1:t2:


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great thank you very much. I wanted to know if there was an option to better control the training volume