How to exchange daily training with dumbbell gain

Hi, I´m doing the dumbbell gain program. I use to do 4-5 sessions each week, with the next schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and, sometimes, Saturday.
On wednesday and sunday I so some cardio, like elliptical, mtb or running.
The fact is I like to separate the leg sessions of the cardio, so I try to do legs on mondays and thursdays. But someweeks Freeletics change this schedule and put the leg sessions on tuesdays and fridays and the upper side sessions on mondays and thursdays.

Is there any option to tell freeletics to exchange the daily training of two different days?

Thank you very much.

Hey Javier,

You can always change the order you complete your upcoming sessions in :+1:t2: Just select the session from the upcoming week, then hit the “Start” button.


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Great!! Thanks a lot!