How to skip free days

Sometimes, I like to skip the free as it fits better to my private schedule. Therefore it may happen I would like to train f.i. on Sunday because on Monday next week I will not be able to do my exercises. But if I already trained 5 days from monday to Friday, it seems to be impossible. But there is a way out. It is possible to tell to the Couch that I do not want to train on Monday (despite I trained and coach knows) and assign Sunday instead of Monday as a training day. Applying this procedure one can make the coach to eliminate free days .

Hi @olivamarek7 you can just start the next session which is scheduled for the next coach day. If you are sure that you won’t train an Monday, just adjust the coach week so Monday won’t be a training day that week.

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Hi, that is also a good option. I was just trying to say that normally the coach does not allow you to continue in your journey for more than 5 days a week. But there is way to overcome this limit. Simply on Friday mark Mondays and Tuesdays as non training days, then plan Saturdays and Sundays as training days and on Monday do that vice versa.