Is there a free weights combination journey?

Hi all, I have just about a few weeks before my barbell journey ends. I was wondering if there is a program that uses both barbells and dumbbells, without bodyweight exercises? I do cardio at separate days, so I wouldn’t mind it being included as well.


Hey Holden, and a big welcome to you :wave:t2:

That’s great to hear! How have you found it?

Unfortunately this isn’t something that is currently possible-so there isn’t a Training Journey that will just allow training with Barbell and Dumbbells, although I am sure it will be in the future at some point. The closest I think you could get to this would be Hybrid Strength, and enabling Dumbbells as additional equipment that you have available in your Coach settings. Something a bit similar to what @TomG suggested in a different post below :point_down:t2: