Freeletics Gym features back

Hi, I started going to the gym with Freeletics Gym when it came out in 2016 (I believe). The app is not available anymore but I loved the Nordic Gods, the rower integration and the overall structure of the workouts.
Are you planning on putting them back into the core app? And if so any timeline? :smile:
Thanks legends!


Hi @TomG,

We do plan to include Rowing back in to the app in the future, unfortunately I don’t think it’s something that will happen soon as I don’t have a timeline to share at the moment.

Have you tried one of the Weights Journeys in the Training app? If so what did you think about it and how it compared to the training in the Gym app?

Also, just a quick tip-although Gym is not available in either of the App Stores, you should still be able to download this from your “Purchase history” in the respective app store. Of course you’ll only be able to do this if you are still using the app store that you originally downloaded it from, and haven’t “defected” to the other one. And it’s also worth remembering that it is not really supported any longer-so there are no longer updates released for the app.



Hi @Ben , thanks for the reply!

And thanks for the tip, I actually had reloaded the same way you suggested. I only found that the Gym app lack of tailoring when it comes to the warmup and cool down.

Great to hear that you are considering putting back the rowing workouts!

Yes I have tried the Barbell Gain journey and currently on the Hybrid Strength. I really love both. However, I feel like the Barbell Gain is purely design for muscle growth as it definitely lacks of cardio training. And while I really like the Hybrid one, and it will most likely be my recurring journey, I feel like only one day of pure cardio with a god workout is a bit light on the cardio side. The rower was a great way to get I to shape and improve cardiovascular health and fitness. Plus, the IWT, Interval Weighted Training, of the Nordic Gods was a perfect to cut fat, improve fitness and great HIIT workouts at the end of a session, while still improving strength.

The weight session are definitely quicker in the core app which is great. The 4-5 min set in the Gym one were a bit long. However I liked the superset as you can get more work done in, almost, the same time. Also it was perfect for working opposite muscle groups, as it was designed in the Gym app.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Gym App would be awesome. I love to have this virtual trainer for exercises with equipment and an app that takes care of my workout plan with doing records and analyzing my performance with algorithms. But still it is very limited. If functionality would be extended to gym level that would be awesome and I guess there is a huge market. Everybody would love to have a personal trainer but the minority can’t afford one. With freeletics gym you would cover this market. Do some buzz marketing and then it should pay out


@TomG @Ben Hi, it’s great to hear your suggestions here, barbell can also be added to the equipment workouts list. And many of the workouts we know in the gym app can be included.


@erkanissi yeah! I would love to see those barbell conditioning workouts back! That would be great to add some diversity into the barbell journeys.

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Hi everyone, I would like to follow up on this one. Has there been any news if we can expect the nordic gods and/or the rower in the freeletics app soon? Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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Not soon unfortunately - as soon as I have concrete updates on this you can be sure I’ll make an announcement here :wink:


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That’s unfortunate. But I appreciate your reply, thank you for the information! :ok_hand:
But at least I’m interpreting your response that it is coming at some point, which I’m happy about!

Hellweek in the Hybrid Strength Journey is sorely lacking the nordic gods!


I went on this forum mostly to suggest this. It would be amazing if there was a gym journey that could use some of the gym equipment. The rower is a nice example as I have seen screenshots of the rower in the freeletics app before. But I would also love it if there was an option to use some of the other gym machines.

Right now I’m enjoying hybrid strength as a nice mix of cardio and strength but it feels like there is so much potential with the addition of machine exercises.

Hopefully one day.


For me the lack of gym programmes, that the gym programmes are so focused on single equipment, seems strange and unappealing. I want to see gym options that include all equipment.

Unless I’m missing something, the current options mean you need to decide on a 12 week programme focused on barbells, or dumbbell, or kettle bells. But Surely there should be a programme that integrates all of these into a single programme? The idea of 12 weeks working with one piece of gym equipment seems boring, unappealing and far from ideal in terms of development and progress and staying interested

Welcome ideas if I’ve missed anything but as it stands this is the only major floor that is making me look elsewhere for a fitness app

Hi @scrambleded, have you checked out the Hybrid Strength Journey? This one integrate barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and body weight! + all the other equipments like box, pullup bar, jumping rope, wall, pole, etc

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Thanks for the suggestion @TomG it seems maybe I have misunderstood the way these are structured. Have they always been this way? It’s not very clear from the descriptions,.for me anyway.

I think I may have done this journey before, way back, but perhaps because that was at home and I didn’t select all the equipment and so didn’t realise.

Does this apply to all of the programmes? My friend suggested body weight only, and then selecting all of the equipment, and so I started that today and even that programme (despite its name) has lots of gym equipment included.

Be good if this was all a bit clearer. I was close to trying something else. I’d be delighted if the gym variety was indeed possible through all of the other programmes

Hi @scrambleded no problem, happy to help.

You can see in the Journey description that you will require a bench and barbell, but yes, I agree there is no mention of dumbbell and kettlebell where it is actually possible to add them.

I believe you can add gym equipments to all journeys, besides the equipment specific ones.
The Hardcore journey is specific to body weight, the dumbbell journey specific to dumbbell, kettlebell to kettlebell and barbell gain to barbell.

I believe you can equipments to all the others

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@TomG super useful , thanks. And yes, it’s very unclear, they should make it explicit on the description page as otherwise you have to go and start a journey before really knowing what the possibilities are.

Surely there are loads of people that use the gym and want way more variety? Whilst bodyweight is great, most people I know like to take it a step further with weights and other equipment.

I’m really surprised that there is less catering towards this market. Such a slick app, by far the strongest in terms of the tech and coaching capabilities, it would seem like a clear direction - a winner for them, and us

If anyone has any other experience of wider use of equipment in other journeys,.I’d love to hear about it. Super surprised that the barbell and dumbbell journeys are really 12 weeks of no other equipment :thinking:

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@scrambleded yeah I agree, it should be clearer!
I highly recommend the Hybrid Strength Journey, by far the most versatile and complete in my opinion.
All Journeys are 12 weeks with multiple phases, however, they are also consistently adapting to your training, feedback and levels, so even repeating the same journey for another 12 weeks will be a completely different experience.

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