Manual unlocking of Skills

Dear Freeletics Developers,

I can see that this topic is available already like 3 times in this forum, but unfortunately, it was not yet answered / fixed in a satisfactory way from my point of view.

The request is actually pretty simple from an end-user perspective:
Give us (back - as in previous versions of Freeletics) the possibility to manually unlock skills if we want to do so on our own risk… We are responsible ourselves for our actions and therefore we should also be able to unlock skills we want for the coach to implement them into the training / journey.

If this “simple” request is not feasible, please AT LEAST provide full transparency on how to exactly unlock the desired skill / provide a detailed description of what’s needed to be done in order to unlock a certain skill…

Honestly, really can’t be that hard to do and you are actively preventing free athletes from performing and working out at their absolute best by taking away the “unlocking” decision from us!

Thank you very much, hope to see the “manual unlock” soon now!


I don’t understand exactly - do you mean unlocking the badge or activate exercises so the coach will give them in your coach sessions?
If last one is meant, it still works the same way as “in good old days” (despite there is a checkbox). Just perform the exercises you already are able to. The coach is highly adaptive.

Thanks for the answer, let me give you an example:

Skill: Strict Muscleups

To unlock this skill, there are 3 milestones to be mastered:

  1. Straight Bar Dip
  2. Muscleups
  3. Strict Muscleups

The issue is, if you are able to perform Strict Muscleups, you can’t just go into your settings and “unlock” this skill like in the good old days, but you have to “activate” the Skill Improvement (german: Skill Verbesserung) for “Strict Muscleups”.
You are then dependent on the Coach to first implement Straight Bar dips into your workouts / sessions / single exercises, then somewhen and very intransparently, the system ticks of Straight bar Dip and the Coach moves on to sencond milestone on your journey to unlocking Strict Muscleups.

What I am asking for precisely, is the ability to go into the Skill Improvements and directly say “tick this off, I can do it” so in the above example, me being manually able to check the box on all 3 milestones.

Is that now better understandable what I mean?

Don’t really understand your
“Just perform the exercises you already are able to. The coach is highly adaptive.”
If there would be a clear and transparent guideline that would be ok too, like the following:

To manually unlock a certain skill (for the Coach to take this one into consideration when building workouts), you can log the respective exercise / movement in the “Single Exercise” section with an (whatever) x25 multiplier and than, it will be checked off in the Skill Improvement section as well.

Thank you :wink:

Go to the Six-pack Menu, select exercises, search Muscleups and do some of them every time you want to. Or do Aias or Pallas. If you give right feedback (no problem with Muscleups), the algorithm starts giving you Muscleups in your program. Without checking all the other milestones.

I understand your point of “it would be easier to tick into a checkmark field to let coach know”. But I personally don’t understand why someone doesn’t just do the exercises. I mean the coach shouldn’t be the only reason for exercising.