Newbie needs some beginning info

Hi, just started with Freeletics and so far very frustrated. I have no idea what my current level f difficulty is, except I keep putting it down and it seems to go back up on its own. I am probably missing something but putting difficulty down is not a nice feeling, so would rather not have to do it every time.

Also annoyed that there seem to be no one from Freeletics to ask a question to.

So, venting done, how can I see the current level of difficulty and is there a way to lock it? The other day it was asking for 3 series and for first time I could finish, today again 5 series and I don’t make it. I am seriously out of shape, so want to keep it makeble and do it 3 times a week, and put the difficulty up myself when I see I can handle more.

Dear Gioia,

which journey did you choose? They are very different in intensity. Otherwise it is important to give real feedback after each exercise. So only give a star, if you are really able to do it right and the number of reps as well. If wrong feedback is given, the coach will increase difficulty.