Nyx and skin problem :)

Hi All,

I have this problem when doing 2X NYX god workout: the skin at the top of my butt/bottom of my back gets burned :slight_smile: so much so that I am not going to do it again unless I have a solution to try. This is due to the friction in that specific spot during NYX.
1x NYX is fine, but 2x is not, the skin takes two weeks to recover ; I cant imagine 3x NYX…

any suggestion ? is it the type of pant or underwear I am wearing ? anyone else having this issue ?


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Hey @Mat-t :wave:t2:

I think from your description we are likely referring to butt rashes here, that are indeed very common if improper technique is used for exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. Additionally, with the leg raises if you haven’t quite been getting this technique right as well, this would aggravate this even more.

Essentially you should avoid any movement between the lower back and the mat: always keep the lower back in contact with the mat, especially when in the lying position.

Top tip-really make sure to engage your core when doing these exercises. This will sound daft, but lots of people simply don’t know how to do this. Really pull your naval (belly button) in toward your spine, bracing your core to feel those muscles activate. I like to imagine bracing myself before someone might punch me in the stomach, or like someone’s about to throw a ball right at my stomach area.

When you start engaging these muscles correctly, you’ll notice a big difference in the difficulty of previously relatively easy exercises :sweat_smile:

Finally, make sure you take some days to rest and recover :+1:t2:


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thanks Ben ! I ll give it a try.

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I don’t get this when I train with my mat, but I made the mistake of doing a ton of standups and situps on my Christmas holiday, and all I had was a hotel towel. I got an abrasion and I still have a mark :flushed:.
The same happened to my spine a few years ago when I did a ton of crunches using just a towel - abrasions on vertebrae.
My point is - besides technique, does your mat provide enough cushioning?

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thanks Sofia; I have a basic mat from Decathlon, so hopefully good enough ?
if Ben’s suggestion does not solve it I will definitely look into it

I would guess so! Of course try different suggestions but for me a mat is very important (technique even more so :slight_smile: )

I believe constitution is also a factor. I always had this issue and tried a lot of different things over the years. Now always simply replace situps by crunches + leg raises.

Hi Sylvain,
thanks for the feedback; just curious, what type of constitution are you ?
I am in the skinny camp :slight_smile: BMI is still 18.5 after 15 months of freeletics.

Hey Mat,
I’m 1.78m for 67 kg. And by constitution, I also mean the way my bone structure (pelvis, coccyx), muscles and skin are built. Despite paying a lot of attention to the movements, trying different surfaces and clothing, the repetition always took my skin off after around 40 reps. :man_shrugging:

thanks for sharing Sylvain

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