Painful skin pinch during situps

Does anyone get painful skin pinches at the top of their bum during situps? Right between the buttocks….I have tried everything. It’s not friction. It’s skin pinching together. I feel it squeezing together as I go down and then as I come back up. It’s not the clothes, I have even tried without them:). I always end up bleeding after more than 100…

I don’t know skin pinch now and I can’t imagine how this can come about.
In fact, I already had abrasions because I had trained on hard ground at the time. I have been using an abmat for situps for many years and it solved the problem on its own.

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I am ok with regular situps. It’s just the ones where you put your feet together.

First of all - if you are worried about your health please always consult a doctor or someone that can assess and give you more personalized advice in cases where there’s a chance of a strain, joint pain, or injury. It is difficult for us to give you medical advice over the internet without knowing you or your situation. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

But the pinches you are describing can result if improper technique is used when doing situps. To avoid this, you should avoid any movement between the lower back and the mat, that means to always keep the lower back in contact with the mat, especially when in the lying position.