On maintaining fitness during vacations

I am near the end of my Dumbbell Gain journey, and I have seen noticeable improvements. I have been religiously adhering to my diet. I have been working on body recomposition for 3 months now. However, there’s a family vacation coming up and I will be missing my workouts for the journey for 2 weeks straight.

What are some good workouts that I can do in the hotel, in a limited space without bothering others? The issue is that I’ll have extremely limited space and no equipment. I also do not know what food options I will get, so I’m carrying whey and oats with me.

Since I made noticeable muscle gain during this journey, I really don’t want the vacation to set me back. Hence, any advice on a training routine using the Freeletics app would be greatly appreciated.

Hi rangan,

Welcome to the forum :raised_hands:

Great job on you progress so far.

Taking into account you current journey you will not be able to train with dumbbells while on holidays :smiley:

There are few options I can see possible here.
Option one:

  • Instead of your scheduled workout choose a bodyweight workout that you can finish in a hotel room.

Option two:

  • Take a break and enjoy your holiday. See this as your training deload.

Option three:

  • Split it. One deload week and one training week while on holidays.

Best of luck and let us know how it went.
Enjoy your holidays!!


Isn’t there the option “no equipment” in Quick Adapt?

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Yes, there is. However, those would count as sessions from the journey and I do not want that.

If you don’t care about your Perfekt Weak Streak, you can do whatever you want (rest or train whatever you like). But if you want to save that Streak, you should use that adapt.

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