OPEN - No summary of coach day

Ok, thanks everyone :+1:t2:

We’re looking at this and I think we know what the problem is, just be aware it might take a sprint or two to fix.


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I have the same issue, happend the first time yesterday. Unfortunately, in my distress I updated the app so I had the

  • Beta version BEFORE version 22.39.0 on an
  • iPhone 12
  • iOS 16.0

I never had the issue before, so I’m a bit suprised that it happend on a Beta version that was stable and bug-free until yesterday. As I said: It happend BEFORE the update.

**Before reporting a potential bug, please first try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. **

In order for our technical engineers to reproduce and understand your problem as quickly as possible, we usually need answers to the following questions :point_down:t2:

-Description of every single step you made until you encountered this error-what did you do, what happened?
I do my workout indoors where there is no network connection. When i finish the cooldown, I am redirected automatically to the Coach page. No sharing screen shows up. It used to save the workout in offline mode and publish it to the Feed whenever I went back online.

-What is the brand and model of your mobile device? (for example iPhone 13 / Galaxy S21)
iPhone XR

-Which operation system is your device using? (for example iOS 13 / Android 11)
IOS15 15.6.1

-Which version of the Freeletics app are you using? (for example 6.37)

-Which language is your app set to?

-Which timezone/state/country are you in?
Australia, Sydney, AET

-What date and time did this problem occur?
19/10/2022 at 8.30am
20/10/2022 T 9.15 AM

-Which browser you are using (if experiencing a bug on our website)?

Please also attach screenshots or a screen recording showing step by step how you encounter this problem :point_down:t2:

Be aware that it can take some time to reproduce and fix certain bugs, and so we do not normally give in-depth updates when resolving reported problems.


Hey Tom :wave:t2:

This sounds like it’s related to these 2 posts here :point_down:t2:

I am assuming that the training shows in your own Profile but not in the Community feed-is that right?


Hi Ben,

Yes that’s correct.

Sorry I created a new post as I have only tried when working out in offline mode, just in case this was a different bug.



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No, no worries-appreciate you reporting this. It’s proving difficult to fix so the more information we have the better :+1:t2:

I’ll merge this post in to the open report :+1:t2:


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Hi @Ben , I captured the bug today. Please see below (sorry for the really poor quality haha I don’t know what happened there):

I Hope that helps!

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Nice one Tom :+1:t2:


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Hi @Ben, this seems to be fixed as of this morning!

@Ben never mind! It didn’t work this morning

You had my hopes up for a second there but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to be so easy :see_no_evil:

A couple of us have also encountered the same experience in the last week. We have put time aside to explore it in depth, it just is likely to take a sprint or two.



I recently started a barbell gain journey and I am enjoying using the weights after some time. My issue that I am having is that once the session is complete it does not post it into my feed for my followers or the community to see. Is this a bug with the barbell gain journey because it did post previously with my other journeys?

Hey Zeeshan :wave:t2:

Yeah, this is a bug currently affecting the app. Can you add your technical details to the below, so your App version, OS and device? :point_down:t2:

Also, has it been happening to every session you have been completing recently? We have some logs running to help us try and identify why and what exactly is happening when this occurs.


I am unable to post my workout on my feed after completing it. No option to post as well. I am currently doing the barbell gain journey.

I have an iphone 6s with IOS 15.7.1. My freeletics version is the latest one from the IOS store. I encountered this problem from this week Monday when I did my first workout.

Prior to this I had been doing anothere training journey which gave me the option after completing the workout to post it to my feed and write comments.

Same issue now in the last android beta app update n° 22.50.0 for the second day in a row.
TJ Dumbbell gain

Samsung galaxy s22 ultra, Android 13, Samsung UI 5.0

My husband faced the problem, too. He’s using also newest beta version on Android.
He recognised that it happens if he closes the cooldown before really completing the whole coach day (like doing the finisher exercise after cooldown - why ever he did it this way :joy:)

Just adding my experience with this bug. I’ve been experiencing it since feature launch, with a total count of a dozen successful recaps in over 5 months and different TJs. Very frustrating.

What I can say is, I almost always add plenty of extras to my sessions. I start with Coach warmup, I followup with some more static/dynamic mobility work specific to the extras I’m gonna perform, then I follow with the extras that could be a Dumbbell Interval (from Explore) or some bodyweight exercises or since Workout Builder launch I now have Pullup routines, or a closing run.

I am probably one of the most severe cases among users facing the bug and the feeling I always had is about a sort of given time for you to start and end your Coach session, surpassed which you are not getting the summary. So since my extras take often my sessions to 2/3 hr, despite overdoing Coach assumes that was not a session from beginning to end and it is not worth a recap. Again veeeery frustrating.

  • iPhone 7
  • iOS 15.7.1
  • 22.50.0 (been experiencing this issue since session recap launch)
  • English (it happened also when language was set to Italian)
  • GMT+1
  • 23/11/2022 03:27 (again, I’ve been noticing this issue since last summer)

Same here:

  • Google Pixel 4
  • Android 13
  • 22.50.0
  • German
  • GMT +1
  • I already have the issue since months… I’m sure, I had it on the sessions of December 13., 18. and 31. But there are many more days that I didn’t make a note of.

Last time it happened I realized I switched to Spotify during the countdown of a cooldown exercise. After the cooldown the recap and post screen has been skipped by the app. I wasn’t able to reproduce it today…