Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach / Journey

Hi all

Sorry, it’s not a feature but I didn’t find any better category to post it, I hope it is ok to post it here?

I would LOVE a Coach for pregnancy & postpartum journey.
It is so important to stay active and to do specific exercises during these special times and I think Freeletics would be optimal since you can do it at home and squeeze it in while baby naps etc.

Adapted exercises; focus on pelvic floor & TVA etc… even many years postpartum one can profit from this work to prevent future problems (like prolapse) or pains (like backpains) and also just to prepare for birth and regain strength, mobility & functionality back after delivery.

any other Mamas here wishing for a Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach?


I definitly support that idea. My girlfriend also struggles to find good and guided workouts for this special time. Especially a postpartum would be great addition.

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Hi Olivia, even if you have not yet received a satisfactory answer, I want you to know that I find your opinion very accurate. I think Freeletics Coach should be with Freeathletes during special periods. Perhaps posting blog posts with tips would be enough.

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