Problem with Barbell interval and weights

Hello everyone

I’ve just started the hybrid strength journey and I have a problem with a barbell exercise for triceps extensions.

The suggested weight for the warmup is 5kg and the sets 7.5kg. But, the bar itself is 20kg. Should I change the wight or is it a problem with the coach?

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Hey Mehdi :wave:t2: How are you doing?

This :point_up:t2: is not uncommon-there are a lot of people who seem to use an Olympic standard barbell. If you don’t have access to a lighter bar, then you could just try and do these sets with the corresponding weight plate.

If you think the weight really is too low, which could be the case if you are just starting out on your Weights Journey and the Coach hasn’t really established your “level”, then editing the weights to a higher weight is also an option.

Personally, I would use just a weight plate here-if it is too easy, the Coach will quickly bring you up to the right training level as long as you give the correct feedback.




Hey Ben

Thanks a lot for your response. I’ve increased the weight to 15kg because I had access to a 15kg bar, and did the warmup with a plate.