Progression doesnt work

Hey there.

I did this (multiple times)

but theres no progress (check) here

Hey Alex :wave:t2:

I don’t see that you’ve done this step (30x Double Hops) multiple times. When do you think you’ve done it before? Can you share a screenshot?


Ok its 20 here.

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So it has to be two times 30 double hops?
How should i know things like this? :sweat_smile:

I would also love some more info on progressions. How they work and what’s expected.

For example I have progression exercises I’m waiting a long time to get scheduled.
Do I have to manually complete them or wait until coach assigned them?

I just wanted to be clear that you’ve only done that assignment a single time. For each progression step, the Coach will assign increasing reps up to a point, and then may repeat a few times until completing the step, and moving along the progression.

You won’t get told this in the app, although it’s something that obviously now seems like it could be a good idea :+1:t2:

You just need to complete the progressions that the Coach assigns you.


Your progressions are looking quite good @Dark :muscle:t2:

You’ve already mastered what has to be the most hated skill out there :sweat_smile:

I think one thing I would mention is having a lot of Skill Progressions enabled at the same time can make progress through them quite slow, as the Coach will rotate through them at different stages of a Journey. Personally, I would stick to 2 or 3 at any one time…but, this isn’t a must, just preference :+1:t2: Doing this however, means that the Coach doesn’t have so many Skills to rotate through.



ok thank you. that answer helped understanding it.

but what does this mean?

isnt that one already completed?

No, not completely, but you are quite close to completing it :+1:t2: Usually it will get marked off as completed after you’ve been assigned and completed 20 reps, sometimes it might get assigned a few times.


How often do i have to do this until i reach the next step?

I see it is part of two progressions - Handstand Walk and Strict Handstand Pushups.

I’ve fed back to Coach that I did the 60s handstand hold perfectly once. And I see that in the progressions, it is checked for Handstand Walk progression but not for the Strict Handstand Pushups one.

I don’t know if this makes sense, just sharing what I have :slight_smile:

I am already at the next step but i just have the handstand walk activated and had to do the hold for 4 or 5 times :man_shrugging:t3:

Are you not getting the wall walks? Or you just don’t like it that the handstand hold hasn’t been ticked yet? Or it got ticked but you don’t like it that you are still asked to do it?

In my case, I am getting the wall walks already, but I am still not doing them perfectly. I mark them as done with breaks.

And I haven’t gotten the 60 sec handstand hold another time yet, because lately I do some workouts outdoors without access to a wall and because I have most of progressions activated, so there is just just no room for me right now to get a handstand hold.

i realy dont know whats going on. i did the 60seconds handstand holds like 4 or 5 times and now i got this

but no tick

so i just want to say that i would love to have a better view on what’s going on in the background. what are the steps i have to achieve.
and i would like to do the steps besides training days and coach trainings

As I understand it, if you got exercise A ticked, but not exercise B, you can still get A, B, or C on some days. So, getting something ticked doesn’t mean you won’t get it again. And it is possible to get an exercise that is the one after the one you haven’t gotten ticked yet.

Just figured this out by using the app. But I also don’t fully understand how many times you need to perform each one and for how many reps to get a tick. Ben mentioned above this is not the idea. I’ll admit sometimes I am curious, but I’m also fine with it, as I want to practice them anyway.

I have some feedback on pistol squat progressions.

I like this exercise but Coach never assigned it to me. After some time, I figured it was because I didn’t have it marked as mastered, and the prerequisite assisted pistol squat required a pole, which I don’t have at home.

Assisted pistol squats can be done without a pole using a wall or chair.

After figuring this out, I had to play around with settings a lot enabling and disabling pole all the time and also starting assisted pistol squats separately from Coach training. Finally, I got the skills ticked in the app, so now my Coach can assign pistol squats without needing a pole.

The pole requirement blocked me from doing pistol squats / assisted pistol squats for a couple of years until I found these solutions.

@Sofia: you also could just do Hekate or another workout with pistol squats. I never mastered that specific skill path because I also don’t have a pole, but a lot of Hekate before. I finally had to exclude of Pistol Squats because I can just do them with pain :person_shrugging:

For a long time I didn’t even realize why I wasn’t getting pistol squats, so I wouldn’t even be in a situation where I’d try to start individual exercises or Gods to master it.
By the way, I took a look at Hekate, and wow that’s a serious one :sweat_smile: