Freeletics Pull-up Day


I’m currently doing the dumbbell journey. I got an email regarding the Freeletics Pull-up Day and was wanting to activate the skills progression in the app.

I can’t work out how to activate this as the dumbbell journey does not have a pull-up bar to select in the equipment list.

Is there any way to activate this within the dumbbell journey?


To be short: no, there isn’t because the pullup bar is not an optional equipment in that Training Journey.

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That is disappointing. So I can’t participate in the pull up skills progression or the pull up day.

You still can participate in the Freeletics Pullup Day. This isn’t about doing the skill path - it’s about doing pullup variations (on your own choice, no coach needed!) that specific day.

Edit: the skill path is just a suggestion as preparation. You can also use the free e-book Mastering the Pullup mentioned in the official blog post. That’s a good e-book with which I learned the Strict Pullups.
The skill pathes are a new in app feature and the Freeletics Pullup Day is here used to promote the Pullup Skill Path. Don’t worry if you are not on that Skill Path by now. Pullups are a long-term skill and it’s totally ok to do Assisted ,Shoulder, Negative or Jumping Pullups that day (in fact it was the last years).


Markcs, We are doing live training starting Friday for 5 weeks to prepare for the pull-up day.

So can someone please tell me how to participate in pull up day? How are you gonna add my total of 5 pull ups to the global total today?

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Just do and log some kind of pullups in the app. Workout, Interval or Exercise, from Shoulder Pullups to Chest-to-Bar Pullups…feel free :muscle:

@Ben Will there be an overview of how many pullups were logged on pullup day?

Hey Ben-no worries, we run a count for all pull-ups done in the entire database :+1:t2:

Everything you log in the app gets included in the count :clapclapstatic:

Hey Mel-yes, the total community effort should go out in the few days in a newsletter!


A question about this: Why is this info about such community events not posted by the Freeletics account in the feed in the app and maybe also in the news tab like it used to be in the past? Or will both options as a communication no longer be used?

Hey Pascal :wave:t2:

We’re still working on a better way to share such Community Challenges in the future. We should be ready to introduce our first iteration of this quite soon :wink:


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Hello Ben,

thanks for your answer! That is very nice to hear :smiley:

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