Push pull legs program?

Is there a Push Pull Legs split program in the app? I have been browsing through the programs and find it quite hard to navigate with all the named workouts.

Hi user2 and welcome to the forum!

I don’t know this exercise. Is there any equipment needed? You can filter exercises by needed equipment in order to ease your search.

The Push Pull Legs is a very common routine for building mass, just do any search for Push Pull Legs routine and you’ll get a lot of hits.

It’s not a specific exercise, it’s a type of program.


Ahhh, it seems to be like “Wendler”.
The Hybrid Strength is something like this. I did it with 5 days per week and had one leg day, one shoulder, one core and two bodyweight days.
This was before KB and DB were included into the app - so it could be that the bodyweight days would now be more hybrid than before.
I never did the pure Barbell Journey but I guess this one will also have pure leg / push / core days.

Ah cool, I’ll check that one out. A tip though would be to create a pure PPL workout since that is a very popular one