Lack of exercise and equipment flexibility in Journeys

I have some equipment at home, barbell, dumbbells, bench etc. I was looking for a weights program that incorporates barbells and dumbbells but they all seem to be separated, “Barbell Gain,” Dumbbell Gain,” etc. If I list what equipment I have why doesn’t the coach incorporate it into the journeys?
Also, I don’t have a chin up bar but “Barbell Gain” and “Hybrid Strength” state required equipment is chin up bar. Why can’t you substitute chin ups for another exercise like bent over rows? Surely it can’t be hard for the algorithm to substitute exercises if necessary? Am I missing something or is it a bit inflexible?

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Hi @vincebowshall, some journeys require specific equipment to fully function. In the Barbell gain or Hybrid Journey, you’d do a lot of pull ups and barbell rows. The Hybrid also needs a pull ups as you would do a few difference exercises with the bar during the hybrid days.
However, I personally think that shouldn’t prevent you from trying it out! :slight_smile: feel free to do the Hybrid journeys or barbell gains and every time a pull up exercises comes up, feel free to replace it on the go with whatever you feel like, I think the most important thing is to be consistent. For example if you have a barbbell you could replace pull ups with inverted rows, and hold plate on your stomach if bodyweight inverted rows are too easy.

Okay, will give it a go. Thanks

In my opinion, there should be an option to toggle to strictly follow the journey type or generate workouts based on available equipment. What do I mean by this?

Imagine the above situation, you’ve got different types of weights, but no pull-up bar, and you selected Hybrid Strength. In the general workout settings, you can now choose whether to strictly follow the journey’s generation method (only including the required equipment, even you don’t have), or to base the workouts mainly on the equipment you have, as to make the most use of them.

Then there’s the problem about the fact you choose a journey because they are for certain goals (e.g. weight loss, building muscle…), but what if these goals get considered for every workout? This would mean journeys would get kind of obsolete though.

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Hi @lajawi , I totally agree with you. In a perfect world, you would choose your goal or top 3 goals, select your equipments available, style of training, training split, how you would want each session to look (cardio only, strentgh and cardio, only weight, low intensity cardio or HIIT or both, olympic lifts or bodybuilding or powerlifting or a mix?, etc).
I guess my “solution” was more around how to be flexible in one’s own training to keep training with the desired journey and style until these features are made available, if ever.

I would say the journeys are the length that they are (~ 42-48 sessions) because you commit to a specific goal for around 3 months (so these are more long term). If you changed your goal every workout, I’m not sure if you could achieve the same amount, it just seems more short term. If you know what I mean?
Also the purpose of the coach is, that you need to worry less about what to do, when to do cardio or strength for example because it still guides you long term to your desired goals.