Short workout with warming up

Hi y’all. I want to incorporate a short bodyweight or dumbell workout in the evening, just as a refresher and reminder. I’m looking to do something more for the mind than the body, so to speak. I’d prefer to do some weightlifting, but was wondering if this can be done without a warming-up?


I would always suggest to warm up. Doesn’t even have to be a full blown warm up to get your heart rate up, but a simple dynamic stretching of muscles and joints would do if as you said workout would be short and not very intense.
Always better to be on a safe side to avoid any potential injuries.

Best of luck


I agree with Dark - a warmup is always preferred in order to avoid injury. The extra blood flow will help with your results too, so it’s not just reduce risk.

When I am short on time. I will usually just warmup by doing a set or two of each exercise with lighter weights and higher reps. That way I am still “lifting” right away, but also easing my body into the workout.


Cheers, you are both very right.

The light weights sounds like an option on itself. Do you have any examples of a short short warm up?

Hi @harmspoelstra , you have some really good warmup options in the app, in the explore section. They only take 5 min. Another good options would be to do 2-3 min of jumping rope, and 1 rounds with lighter weight of your first working set, as @AOhReallyUh said.